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Hi Beth.

I am 27 about to turn 28 this month and i have been on and off the diet for some time now. I was off the diet since i was 12 maybe even younger then that. I do not know the protien intake that i am allowed but with the formula that i take i hardly eat as it is. I have no idea why but i can go awhile without eating and have no problem.

When i was a kid i would go days without really not eating much now i cant really go without eating at least once a day without the formula that i drink. The formula that i drink is Phenylade40 which i think is pretty good because it tastes like the stuff i used to drink as a kid.

As for the coolers that Nicole talked about i have tried those and honestly i can say i wasnt a fan of those. I gagged on the orange flavor while the grape flavor that i also tried wasnt any better but i didnt gag.

As for low protien food i have tried it and the only thing that really sounds good to me is really the pasta. Of course i went to school for cooking so i know how to create many dishes out of pasta but i havent ate that food in a long time. As fpr the insurance covering it the place that i live at the state covers it all so long as you go to the doctor. Like i have to see the doctor at least once a year to get the formula or else i will not recieve it and the fact that i dont have insurance makes it even tougher.

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