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Hi Beth,

I am totally shocked your dietician said that too :-(

Both my girls are very healthy, Brooke who's 7 is very bright and very clever and very well behaved with good manners, she does Dancing Lessons twice a week and is a star pupil in her class, she enjoys her Guitar Lessons and Karate.  Although my levels were extremely High in the first 5 months of my pregnancy it is a blessing to have such a great little girl full of life as i was expecting the worse.

Kerris is just 2 but shes so smart for her age, she picked up walking and talking very fast for her age, and shes a funny little character.

My consultant keeps an eye on my girlz cause he's expecting behavioural problems or something, Brooke had her Final Examination when she was 5 years old and they said she is a very bright 5 year old who is growing and learning and behaving like a normal 5 year old, so i was delighted. Kerris she still getting examined every year till shes 5 but i have no worries or problems.

Both my girls are very healthy, but there both a blessing !!!

Babies born from mothers with PKU can be born as healthy as normal babies x

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