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OMG Nicole, you have made me feel SOOO much better!! I know that everyone is different & my story may not be the same as yours, but I am very early in my pregancy and my levels are higher than they should be. My dietician thinks its because I am not getting enough calories. But when you are on 2 exchanges it is really hard to get in too many calories!! 

As for Cutiepie, I would agree that it could be the diet making you forgetful!

I was off diet before starting my preconception diet! And I tell you it was like a blanket of fog in my brain that since being back on diet has just lifted!

I feel better in myself, I don't find everything so complicated and I just have a better attitude to life generally! 

I would advise to ANYONE to go back on diet. It IS so difficult, but personally for me its worth it.. eating what you like is NOT worth all the headache that comes with it!!

Hope everyone is well!  x x x x

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