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 That is a very good idea, a meal plan! I think I should do something like that!!

A good way to keep the foods varied is just simply by using all the low protein foods you possibly can. I was told that all herbs and spices are generally free so you can spice things up and make them taste good by varying with different flavours!

I personally eat lots of fruits & veggies with different sauces & low pro dressings etc. But I know that you can do lots with the pastas and making your own sauces!

Also making your own soups would be a good way to vary what your eating! You can find lots of recipes on the internet and you can adjust them to our diet!

You can add different things that have protein in, if you have enough exchanges! I am from England and I know in Holland & Barratts, you can buy a low protein cheese! But if you're in America, I think I saw somebody post about a cheese that you can get over there on prescription! 

I hope this helps?!

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