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Hiya x

You gave me the great idea to write down a menu Plan, so ave started the first week, but i dont think your little one will benefit from my menu ideas as the little one is still young and i am looking at a weight loss/ low protein menu plan lol.

We are a little low on some things, but usually our supplements are ment to benefit us from that!!!  i know i ave to get vitmamin B12 injections in my legs every 3 years or summit x

Little example of my menu plan:

Monday – 3 x Low Protein Bread Toasted with Topping ( breakfast)

                 Cup of black tea

                  PKU Cooler 20

                  Cup of Soup ( Chinese style Chicken Noodle)

                  Glass of High Diluting Juice

                  PKU Cooler 20


                 Vegetable Lasagne

                   Glass of high Diluting Juice

                  PKU Cooler 20

It goes on and on…..

Nicole x

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