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I don't think it is a stupid question! In fact I have asked it before.  You must all have very well-behaved children if they don't do these things.  Whenever I am at a toddler group I see loads of children picking their nose and eating it and other similar yucky things.   My daughter is the same.  I also know lots of grown ups who do it.  Also, sometimes my daughter has a snot explosion (when she sneezes and LOADS comes out)  and she / I can't get to a tissue quickly enough so some goes in her mouth.  

I don't think these things make her particularly low brow or gross, she is just 3.  I do stop her if I see her doing it and tell her it isn't very nice, but I know she does it behind my back.  Ditto things like eating insects (yes, she has done that too). 

I am sure all these things have protein in but it is such a small amount it never seems to have made a difference to her levels.

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