Community Discussion Forum Adults and PKU need more veggie menu suggestions please! Reply To: need more veggie menu suggestions please!

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Okra and potatoes

250gr okra

250 gr chopped tomato

300gr potatoes in thick slices

3 spoons of olive oil



Soak the okra in the tomato for some hour and then put them in a pan. Do the same thing with the potatoes and then put them on the okra. Above all you pour the tomatoes, oil, lemon and pepper and put them in the oven. 

I found that the whole recipe contains 480 mg of phe and 776 of calories. I know that if you put some dry onion it will be better, but I cannot calculate the phe myself.

 In Greece we use a lot of veggies to cook. For example, spinach with rice and tomato, cabbage with rice, onion and tomato are some ordinary foods. I plan to use low protein rice to cook these for my daughter, but I cannot tell you k\ow the exact amount of phe. Maybe I can send you the recipes and decide. 

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