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I agree, that seems like an awful lot of bananas! Having said that, from what you are eating, that doesn't look like you are getting 45 exchanges! I am no expert but actually it doesn't look like you are getting an awful lot of CALORIES either, apart from sweet potato fries! I have to monitor 3 times a week, and when I havent had enough calories it makes my levels higher!

I also agree that unless you are drinking coffee with milk or cream then it should really effect your actual levels. However, if you are getting a ridiculous amount of caffine, that in itself may be making you feel rubbish! People who DONT have PKU can get ill from having too much caffine!! 

Everyone should eat everything in moderation and it sounds like you are eating too many bananas and drinking too much coffee. Is there no other fruits that you like that you could replace one or two bananas a day with?!

That is just my opinion and as I said Im no expert, can you not get in touch with your dietician to discuss your worries with them?!

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