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I can't help but chuckle a little at this thread.  However, I do see the validity of the concern.  Let me tell you, I have PKU, it is not Classic, but still enough to require treatment.  When I was a child I did all the disgusting things you mention, ate scabs, picked my nose, tasted the blood from my scrapes and cuts, and my mother told me not to.  I have grown up fine; in fact when I was 6 I was honored for having the lowest phe levels in South Dakota at the time and got to have lunch with the Governor (I was not political then, lol).  As you can imagine that is around the age kids have stopped their dirty,curiosity based, habits and the honor was for a lifetime achievement, not just a year.  This honor must have also meant my parents were doing something right too; if that makes us lowbrow so be it; but I happen to feel those who can't spell correctly shouldn't throw stones! 

I hope this has helped!

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