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My son is now  19months and i wish i knew aout some of these when he was younger.

try some of these. you can get some or maybe most of them at your local organic or guidos type store i can get some at my local stop and shop in the organic sections

* baby mum-mum rice rusks are great too, perfect for 11 months about 5mg phe per rusk for the original(and they are wrapped in packs of 2 soo conveinient)

* so delicious coconut yogurt (he might not like it if you ahve to fee him but it is really good)

*small slices of follow your heart vegan cheese alternative( there are many flavors and the phe content is on the cook for love web page my son loves to just eat the cheese and i make mac and cheese with tomato with this he loves) you can probably go to you local organic food store and find some gluten free pasta that has 1 or 2 or 0 grams of protein in each serving. depending on yous sons tolerance. I just go to the store and start looking at the info on proteint and the serving size you can even get some bread in the freezer section alot fo guten free foods can be purchased as a local grocer but you might have to shop around and consult you dietition for some more phe content. I love the Glutino brand products like crackers and some cookies, pretzels that are really good and i am working on getting the exact phe content from my dietition, i will post when i get the info. 

    You may want to get the pasta i would say out of all the low pro stuff  you can make so many meals and the little ones can feed themselves (although mess), myspecial ships free to the US if order is over 25 dollars and in some states u can get a reimbursement check.

I make my son past with cream of muchrooms condensed soon he loes, and reg pasta sause, and also soup with veg broth and small cooked veggies.

good luck


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