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 Ok- First of all- it is best if baby is upright. If you can get someone else to hold /cradle baby it works much better. Since my daughter is sitting up well i just put her in her high chair and get one of here sisters to hold her other foot so she doesn't kick me while i'm working. 

1) Get a warm facecloth- don't burn the skin but rather warm and apply until it cools off- repeat- repeat and then the next time just apply for a moment to reheat the skin

2) dry the area and then clean it with alcohol /alcohol swab and then dry it again with something clean (preferably sterile) 

3) align the lancet where it belongs. We use the mint green ones. Hold it with the open end firmly against the skin (at first we didnb't need to do this but by 6 months we did) so you are pushing it in maybe 2mm? Then with the other hand hit the white button. 

4) quickly remove the first smear of blood

5) wait until the blood forms a good drop – maybe 15 seconds? It will feel like longer- then put it in the middle of the drop circle- it may take a few of those big drops to fill a circle here we fill two- i like the outside ones b/c they are the easiest to navicate b/c you cannot hold it under the circle where the blood will seep through. Has good info. Good luck. 

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