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Thanks for the responses everyone :) It means alot.

beckyboo – lol I get what you mean by the websites, when I read a few I was like :O WHAAAAT lol and congratualtions of the baby!!! And yeah she got treated when she was younger, well as far as I know she was on a strict diet but she came off of it when she was in her late teens early 20's so the effects aren't as bad as they would have been. Oh and thanks for the link I'ma take a little look in a minute :D

Momto9kidlets – My Mum doesn't like to talk about things that worry her because she's disabled with bad back and muscle problems, when she gets upset/angry/worked up about anything her muscles get tense and puts her into alot of pain (she also has anxiety and depression so she can get tense easily) therefore she relies on my dad to tell me things, he's told me a few things like why she has it so I know about the gene thing and a few other bits and bobs.

Louise84 – Hey thanks, yeah my parents can't afford for my mum to go on the low protein diet really because of how much money the medication costs along with with cost of the food aswell I think that's why she's not on any diet. Her symptoms aren't that bad I don't think, maybe it's just coz I'm used to it lol I think I may ask my dietician to get some leaflets for me or talk to me about some sort of alternative if there is any. You helped a lot thanks :)

_rea78 – Thanks, I think I'm going to try and talk to her about it, if not I'll go see the nuitritionist myself, I think it's been way too long to try and get her to go back but it's definately worth inquiring about.

You guys have been so much help I think I'll stick around I'm really glad I got an answer to my question :)

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