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My advice was on the grounds that JW1990's mum can not afford 2 do the diet and i was just passing on the advise i was given by my pku consultant when i came off the diet of my own accord, he told me 2 eat plenty of yoghurt, cheese, meat ect

If u r on diet then this is not what u do obviously as these r foods that u r 2 avoid but if u r not on diet u would be eating these foods anyway and therefore r advised 2 eat plenty of it 4 the extra vitamins or whatever is in the foods, it makes no difference as u would be eating these foods already as u r not on the diet!

As 4 the butter thing i dont know were u got that from as im 17 weeks pregnant and have been told 2 put as much butter as possible in as much food as possible and when pregnant pku diet is more stricter than it will ever have been or will be in a woman's life!

High fat/sugar from the likes of butter, oil, fizzy drinks, boiled sweets ect r really good 4 pku expectant mothers as it push's the protein levels down in ur blood, weather this is advised 2 any pku i dont know as u do put a lot of weight on and i know that when pregnant that is the best and 1 of the main things they want u 2 do! Saying that i have lost almost a stone now since falling pregnant and my levels r ok, they have been up a lil but down again with in 3 days on my next blood test. 

No body can survive off the pku dietry alone with out medication as the body needs more than what it will get from those foods alone! Hence why if ur none diet andr medication u r advised 2 eat plenty of the above foods!

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