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 Hi! I'm also from canada (alberta) and have a 10 month old girl with CPKU. It is a wild ride this pku journey and certainly has its ups and downs but it is 100% doable- especially with all of the pku foods options that are available now!! 

Since my daughter has CPKU everything- even applesauce gets to be measured and weighed. Right now she is able to get 40 mg Phe so in the morning she gets some applesauce (6 mg) and then for lunch she gets some low pro crackers (7 mg) and some veggies (10) and then veggies and a little bit of fruit for supper (17) . 

She doesn't get much but at this point it isn't an issue- she doesn't eat more than 7 peas and 15 kernals of corn anyways!!  Once she gets older things like 1mg pku pancakes and pku pasta 35mg will help to provide the filling parts to her meals and then the fruits and veggies will add the flavor and nutrients. 

It will be ok- honestly! And we're all here to help support you – you can do it!! 
AND my advice – get the dietwell app for ipod/iphone – it is amazing!

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