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Hey Lily! Ohh how exciting! :)

I am 21 weeks on Monday now! Over half way, how time flies! lol! And I'm having a lil girl :D she looks all healthy which is all I ever wanted! I didn't mind what *** the baby was as long as he or she was happy & healthy! Which it looks like she is at the moment! 

She has her own routine with when she kicks in the day and stuff! I'm so excited and happy! It was soo tough in the beginning though, check out my blog if you like?!

I have had 2scans this week so I am going to make a new blog update, so if you want to see how things are going again now, feel free to have a nose!

Also keep in touch, I would love to hear how you are gettin on, I will add you as a friend and you can message me! Feel free to ask any questions or whatever! x x x

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