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In my pre-Molly life (hard to believe there ever was one), I was a speech pathologist in Early Intervention with a specialty in feeding. Doing the natural transition from pureed baby food to table food is normally a gradual process, but I too found myself confused when Molly was at that stage because the Stage 2 & 3 foods were too high in protein for her.  We gradually started adding foods to her Stage 1 foods until it was lumpy and thick and then transitioned to rough mashed veggeis and little pieces of foods she could eat on he own.  To make the Stage 1 foods thicker, we added a little brown rice to her veggies. We also cooked some veggies and rough mashed them and added them to her pureed food.  The Aproten ditalini was a nice sized low protein pasta that she could attempt to feed herself. Small diced fruit and steamed apples & veggies were some of her favorites. It was a good way for her to practice feeding herself. Gerber and other companies now make these little puffs that dissolve easily in the mouth and many are low in protein. As she got older and more independent, we had food cut more into long thin strips so she could feed herself. We did roasted potatoes cut like french fries, carrots cut the same way, etc. We made low protein pancakes, french toast and waffles all diced small. Then we introduced things like veggie nuggets (–just eliminated the onions and garlic as they are typically too strong in favor for a baby), lp-pizza, lp-grilled cheese, veggie burgers, etc. around 10 months. As for counting the protein, we do things a little differently than you at our clinic — all foods are counted, including fruits and veggies so talk to your nutritionist about how she wants you to handle calculating the phe.

Best of Luck!


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