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iranian foods are so much . I have one site in Iran that it,s adress is

if you have one friend that dominate on persian language , he will be so helpful

I dont know about which substances you use. because of the differance of cultures ,unfortunately I didnt be successful to make the food that  exist in cookforlove site.

I myself choose one dessert and one food for you . if you like , you can test


Halvaye Kase

Ingredients :

rice flour                                 1 cup

suger                                      2 cup

water                                      3 cup

oil                                            optional

rose water                                a little ( it is a kind of liquid that catch from rose in spring in some cities. it has so good smelling.) if

you cant prepare , take it easy . it is just for good smelling

saffron( zafaran in persian)        a little ( it comes from saffron flower and it is used for making food so delicious and colored)

Recipe :

1. pour sugar in the water and heat it until boiling.

2. pour rice flour in the dish and put it on the heat and with one spoon pile it 3-4 minutes.then add oil to it and beat again .

3. then add sugar-water substance and rose water to it .

4. take alittle saffron and put in alittle cup and pour alittle boiling water on it and cover the top of cup with another dish and waiting for ten minutes and then add it to substances and put the door for the dish until substance will be hard and then pour it in the bowl and decorate it .

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