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Thanks to you both!!

I recieved some low pro pasta from Sick Kids Hopsital. I mushed it up, and added it to his veggies. He certainly isn't totally impressed with the chunkies (and they are small!!) Somehow his mouth seems to strain them out! haha. He ends up with a mouth full of noodles, and veggies are gone. We will get there, but I think we will be at this stage for a while!

I made the muffins we received as well. (before we knew that he wouldnt do wonderful on the pasta). I really think he is too young for this option. Our non pku children loved them! haha. We froze the rest to try again when he is older.

Thanks again, would still love to hear from other people on their transition foods for when the time comes he is handling the chunkies better :)

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