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I really am not an expert to say but i am going to say through expierence, I found out i was pregnant when NOT on any sort of LP diet when i was 20 years of age…I got tranferred straight away to Abort the pregnancy, i was sooo against abortion growing up but was advise too from my Maternal Midwife and and consultant basically i had no choice, am sure i was very early around 8 weeks but had levels soaring over 1500, i still think about that expierence alot and i think its damaged me mentally in some sort of way.

But you hear all different stories, some find out there pregnant early on and start there diet straight away, some babies healthy some babies have PKU syndrome it will affect them in all different ways they will have behavorial problems, mental problems, small heads, some kind of form of mental retardation.

I am sorry your going through this but my best advice to you is to get intouch with your PKU dietician or consultant to see whats the best desicison for you :-(

Nicole x

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