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I would agree, don't get too worried about what they are calling it. Jacob was classed HyperPhe from a couple weeks old, until December. Then it changed to Mild PKU our understanding it was because his levels rose over 600 quite rapidly with the introduction of simple solids (rice cereal). The only real difference I can tell, is the name they call it.

Treatment has pretty much been the same as it was before. I do know another HyperPhe kid, she doesnt have to count veggies, where we do. But that could also be variations of treatment plans from clinic to clinic.

The range for our center, is the same as Clenk 120-360. This has been a terrible season of colds for Jacob, so many have been in the higher range. Hoping Spring will help in keeping those numbers down. Him being sick REALLY affects his levels.

Good Luck!

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