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hi beth

im lily nice to meet u

i have classic pku n i WOS off the diet about 2months n 2 weeks ago bu now im on the pre conception diet im doing realy well my blood levels r wivin range now to strt tryin on saturday just gone me n my partner just got the go ahead woohoo lol

im realy serprised that ur dietition told u that pku ladys cudnt have a healy baby personaly i think its always best to read upon the net to find out info about pku cus in my EXP drs dont know much at all about pku cus most of them dont know about the thinks that can go wrong n wot  pku can course to us like illness whise n i think that is REALY BAD cus pku is 4 life not just 4 a month or so

i dont have any children yet but im deffo strtin now if u wish i will deffo keep in touch n let u know how things r goin

i wish u all the best :)

lily xx

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