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Hi jakesmom,

My son, Ace, is 14 months old and has mild PKU.  Fruits and veggies are free for him so we only count starches (potatoes, bread, pasta, corn, peas, etc).  I had a hard time transitioning too…..I admittedly held onto the baby food as long as I could:)  He was eating baby oatmeal mixed with fruit until he was a year (I can't help it…..I was allowed to use his formula to mix the oatmeal and I was afraid to try and find solid foods that were low in protein!)

We are doing better now but I am afraid I have a little bit of the same issues as you.  Right now he eats toast and eggo mini waffles with magarine and/or blueberry jelly.  He eats a lot of pasta with magarine and/or tomato sauce.  He eats rice but he likes the pasta better.  Brenda is write about the Gerber snacks (they have puffs and crunchies that pretty much melt in your mouth).  He eats all types of fruits (he really likes madarin oranges so that might be something to try because they are pretty mushy.

I am going to try Brenda's veggie nuggets.  But I am kind of having the problem of not being able to get all of his protein into him.  He is allowed 7grams a day but he basically only wants to eat fruit and those don't count.  The clinic has given me to go ahead to try cow's milk to try to make up for the lack but he is still breastfeeding and won't even come near the stuff:)

I hope I helped….


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