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i usedto live in the northwest of england but have now moved to london. i have never met or spoken to anyone with pku and have always wanted to!

most people i met have never heard of pku and many times have been accused of making it up for attention? haha but i just wanted to see if anyone else has been off the diet and suffered any side effects?

i came off the diet for about 4 years when i was 18, my doctor advised it as i was not taking any suppliments but also eating a low protien diet and was becoming under nourished. i also was suffering with really bad anxiety attacks which only got worse as the years progressed.

i usedto read alot and do alot of work that involved attention to detail, but when i came off the diet especially i found it nearly impossible to focus.

i wanted to know if anyone else has suffered with the same problems? i am now back on my diet and have been for around 6-7 months and at first i noticed a change but worry i may have done some lasting damage.  any thaughts or comments would be appreciated!


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