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Thanks Nikki, you provided some great suggestions.

We have to date, opted for making our own veggies going forward, and are gradually increasing texture. He doesn't seem thrilled about the texture, however, he is loving the variety. Excited to report, that he loves cauliflower and  broccoli — however, not sure if it is texture based, or simply taste/smell, but hasnt been fond of asparagus.. really, who can blame him.. YUCK! haha

He is struggling with the pastas, I am optomistic it will come soon, however, we have put a hault on them. His mouth is like a strainer I swear!! He takes a bite of veggies and pasta, veggies go down, but he smiles, and all the pasta comes flowing back out at me! haha

He is liking the pku perspective eggs, however, I still have not mastered scrambling and he gets them as cut up pancakes.

He was relying on the lo pro foods quite a bit, so his dietian raised his allowance, but adjusting his formula. He is now allowed 8.5 grams of protein. So, we feel like we are back to the drawing board mapping out his meals to ensure he eats enough. I almost can't wait for him to be bigger, so his diet can get a lil steadier! haha. Seems we just figure out what to do, and it changes!!

Ahh well, I suppose all children throw these wrenches at you!! haha

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