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hiya mark88 nice to meet u

i know exacly how u feel i went thorw alot of the same things u did i also suffered frm realy bad migrains n bad headache sum tmes id go to bed wiv a headache n id wake up wiv 1 too that drove me crazy i aslo stuufered frm realy realy bad depresstion too it got that bad i use to selfharm but now thank god i dont any more n havent 4 along long time :) i wos off the diet 4 about 15-16 years n i use to eat meat n fish all the time i use to b addicted to meat but  just this new year iv gone bak on the diet n stuck to it vry vry well my blood levels r at 120 be cus im on the pre conception diet n iv only been on the diet 4 2 months n 3 weeks now so me n my fiance r realy realy happy n proud for doin so well :) n just last saturday me n my fiance got the go ahead to strt try 4 a healthy little baby :)

lily x

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