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I am looking to stay on diet as well and the hardest part for me is to count the protien intake. I am allowed while drinking my formula 30g of protien a day and it has helped me a lot when i started to drink the formula again but like cat I havent been eating much the formula by far makes me full for sure. I maybe eat some small meals here and there or maybe a good sized dinner. I am the only one in my family that has PKU so finding support is hard to come by. Not to mention that having no insurance where I am makes it even harder to go to the doctor.

I have to see the doctor at least every two years to get my formula for free yet if you think about it it really isnt free if I have to pay a good amount of money that I do not have to see the doctor. I know I should see them more often but honestly with no money its really hard to do so.

As for you kat I would have to say that  see if 30g of protien is ok. If you drink your formula it should be and honestly it helps keep your PHE level down as well. I know when I was last checked my levels were almost too low and i wasnt eating that much when it came to regular food.

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