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With my formula I got about 4 adn 3/4s boxes left filled with packets that are my formula. I got through a half a box a day which is 8 packets. So unless i go to see the doctor on my own and pay for it that way im screwed. I have to see the doctor once a year if I am to get the food for free. Being told that I could live off of it at the age of 12 then abotu 10 years later saying i have to be on it well I can wiat it out but lately my moods have been effected. I remember one day when i started back on my diet i just was so depressed and started to cry for no reason after that i was fine but now I can see why i need it but I just dont have the cash or anything like that to pay for what they are asking from me. I mean i can barly keep enough money to live in my apartment so sacrifices have to be made i just wish it didnt involve my health.

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