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hiya uncleteef

i can deffo see u r callin 4 help

so if ur on facebook plz add me my name is ( pku pixie minx )


n u r vry much welcome to joine any time u wish in the group there r pkuers frm uk n usa also other parts of the world there r 118 pkuers on the group n we r all there 4 each other n we help each other out as best as we can n we always share experiences n idares n think of ways to raise money for pku reserch so ppl from all other the world that dont know about pku will we r on the process of try to come up wiv sum way like ( a race, walk, ect ) of rasin money as we speak,  i hope u do joine cus then u may find sum1 who can help u the group is growin every day.

we r also thinkin about doin a pku cook book of our own n we'd like pkuers from the usa n other places to do there fav recipe n we but it in the cook book .

if u wish to ask more about the group plz ask away


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