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hello pku fam!!! i am so glad i found u all  i am soooo struggling with my pku.  i know i need to b on it but with limited means its hard the food is so expensive, i drink my supplment but thats about the best i can do until i figure out hw i can get the low pro food i love going to the pku picnics, i wish i knew when they were. reading ur guys' stories i dont feel alone soo much please stay with me in my stuggle. i wanna go to a differant clinc because i dont like the one i go to because my ex-husband goes there and i feel like the dr.s are judging me. is that wrong of me? if u hv any ideas of hw i can transfer to mercy childrens hospital in ohio let me know. whelp better go take care of my 3 lil kids. night pku family.

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