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Hi my name is Lindsey and I have been off my diet since i was probably about 12. I still ate low Phe in front of my parents but even when I was 2 and 3 I did everything i could to sneak fod for myself.  But my mother tried her hardest to keep me on the diet. Fortunately the doctor's informed my mother of my condition after a couple of weeks so they were pretty well prepared. They just did not expect I would be so against it.  I never thought of any consequences I just did what iwwanted.  I am now 22 going on 23 and I have been learning more and more about what can happen, and it's very scary for me! I do have eczema, insane irritability, anxiety and depression, and I have so much trouble remembering things I can feel it starting to affect me. I have decided to try and get back on a low Phe diet but it's so duscouragin because the amount of exchanges I had when I was little barely seem slike enough and I'm not sure what else to go by. You are such strong people and it seems as if every one have you have made so much of what you have and your optimism.  It gives me hope even if I may be too late to prevent most of it…

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