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Hi Laura…

I am from Irvine in Scotland, But i go to the clinic in Glasgow, used to be the Queen Mothers but is now based at Southern General, Do you go to these Metabolic Clinics, i found them really nice and very helpful and there always encouraging and ave helped me bring my two little girls into this world perfectly healthy.

Do you guys have Facebook? there is a great PKU support group on there which my good friend lily invented and there is a great chat room for all PKU'ers, we listen to music on there while having a good wee chat or we're on the support group with help and advice and sharing pictures of our LP cooking & Baking or just family and life, from weight loss to struggling with diet its fantastic guys :-)

Am currently on my diet right now, my levels are at 442 which is ok for me…Aiming to get to 300 simply because of health reasons…Send me a wee message on here with ur name which u use for Facebook and ur location so i can find you and i'll confirm you and send you a link to the support group, Lovely people on there from all over the world :-) x

Nicole x

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