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Hi fellow pku family, I'd like to introduce myself. I am Stacy R from Lakewood, NY and I am a foster parent. I have recently had a new placement of a 14 yr old young lady who has PKU. I joined this group because I would like to learn all there is about this condition. I hope you ladies could help me on this , She is only coming to me on the weekends as of right now and they send her meals with her. She gets her food from I think it is called cambrooks foods. I understand that she can only have 10 grams of protien a day. Cucumbers and apples are the only food that has 0 grams of protien. My goal with this young lady is to make this as positive as possible. Her past has been very negative with her pku. She has been known to cheat, her weakness being chicken. What I need from you is this…what kind of menu do you have for your children. I feel so bad for this young lady having 2 pcs. of pku toast and a fruit cup for dinner. I want to surprise her next week with having a pku friendly meal just for her next week. I could even let the staff at the home know what pku food I would need before hand. We had her for Easter and I felt so guilty eating the ham and beans but when fixing her plate she made it all ok. I made her 1 cup of mashed potato's w/o milk and butter, she had pickles of every kind, she had her pku chicken nuggets( made from mushrooms) with bbq sauce, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, cucumbers, needless to say her plate was full and the look on her face was priceless…she said I have a full plate of food! like it was the first time in her life. I now when I shop find myself looking at every label in hopes to find a food that she can have but I learned quite quickly that the labels all lie. They say 0 g of protien but you have to look further, if it contains milk or soy it is a no no or counted as 1 gram. very discouraging. So I hope joining this group will help me make her pku not seem as such a negative but a positive. We have a contest with her when she drinks her pheno-x my kids get the same amount of drink as her and they see who can finish it first. She really enjoys that. I have asked her why she hasnt cheated at my house yet. Her answer was cuz you don't keep anything that I would want to cheat with. lol just for the record I havent changed my grocery buying for her. I am told I need to lock our foods up from her at night, but found out later that she knows how to break into all the locks imaginable, so I posed the question what is the sense? She has stated she doesnt want to cheat. Well ladies thank you for any info you share with me. I want to help this young lady so much!

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