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Its been a while now since i last up dated you on our progress.  We are now 26weeks in and im happy to say that both mummy and baby are great.

We had our big scan back at 21weeks, and we have been having regular scans and visits with our doctors every 4 weeks.

Kiera is doing great, she has never had a high phe reading and all her bloods are reading below 220.

She has been on 8 exchanges since week 12, when we first found out about the baby she was cut to 3exchanges to drop her phe levels quickly. She now has to take Tyrozsine supplement also .

I can also confirm for anyone who cares that we are having a little baby boy.. Im over the moon that my first will be a son.. we always get our doctor to check at our 4 week scans lol, id hate to have to re-paint the room pink now :)

Well i keep you posted folks.. bye,

Simon x

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