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Hi There Michael

My Names Nicole am 28 years old and am From Scotland, UK.  I am only on 6 exchanges and its very low and very hard but i have been doing well with my diet so far.

My best advice to you is to stop your GF eating meat altogether it is very high in protein and she might not see the damage that its causing right now but it will creep up on her, when us PKU'ers have high blood levels we all seem to ave the same symptoms which is more to do with the brain, Like Anixety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Tiredness, Moodiness, Aggressive, Emotional problems, loss of concentration,  not only that but Sore Joints Tremors, aching Body, exzema, rashs, Can also lead to seizures, Protein is like a poison to our brain. Sorry if u think this is a bit full on but you need to know because everyone i know who has PKU and is not following the diet i try and encourage them to get back on it as there is a warning out there that this diet is for life!!!

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous girls both healthy and non PKU, Bringing them into this world was difficult and i struggled big time with both pregnancies due to having extreme Morning Sickness, if you want a family and to get married tell ur GF to get on diet now and having children in the future will become alot easier for you both and make planning Happier :-)

I love chinese food too, most my meals out are to a chinese Restaraunt i save all my protein take when i know am going out and i use it for My Vegetable Curry, Or Vegetable Sweet & Sour with Boiled Rice and also i have Vegetable Chow main and my exchanges go on my Noodles :-) i also order these for a take away and having a nice quiet night in with my fella with a bottle of wine or cider :-) we can still enjoy these foods, and ave also took up the Hobbie of Cooking and Experimenting with LP food and it makes my life a whole lot easier x

Mail me anytime with any questions x if u have face book theres a great support page on there which is where all us PKU'ers encourage and support each other x

Nicole x


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