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I am new to the website.  I came upon this topic and was interested to hear your opinion.  I am currently in the process of planning a pregnancy.  I am sending blood tests and they're all in a good range which I am surprised at.  I do have some issues in terms of being deficient in Vitamin D.  Anyway, my question to you ladies who are pregnant, planning or already have children, is how much interaction do you have with your nutritionist?  

At the beginning, I had some questions that I contacted my nutritionist and I either never get a response OR I have to wait one or two weeks for a response.  When I visited my clinic and asked how I can reach her best, she responded that she is not going to be able to respond to me like I want.  She said her response time is 10 days.  Is this normal???? 

I would love to hear your input! 

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