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I am a pku Adult and I have been off the diet…..then I fell crook and had to be put back on the diet again, because of crankiness,bad temper agression and throwing my meals and  not eating probably. 

Back on it and lost too much weight without meaning too and got hospitalized for few weeks as I subtancail hair loss as well and always feeling cold! My Pyn levels are always approx  hitting the 1000-1500 mark!

Not proper level as I asked the PKU speicalist what the normal phy levels were, approx. 880. From what I know, they are still resreaching  the issues mentally and for the body's digestive  how it takes can the long period, the normal diet   constantly test  the body. Need more info, I suffer from alot health alimnets and mental issues thanks, to been picked up late, It stuffed up my dome. [dome=head]

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