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Hi people, Yes I know only too well…..the PKU blood test kit. What a experince that was, painfully obvious that you are having it! It was old technology and it was unbearly painful….on the  pain scale: I'd rate it for over 10!

I had to be dragged out of hiding and Ma and Dad had work togeather togeather to hold me down on the couch!!!Dad clamping my body down with his upper body,arms encloseing me and Ma clamping my lower limbs down and she'd quickly ready and grab one my thrashing legs clamp it down and prick me with one those huge silver heel prick. I screamed the house down and cried my head off! Pure agony….

After that ma would take blood samples from my heel! It happenend monthly, I often dreaded it with passion. Mointor my protien levels Phe. Thankfully, the blood test is less painful, a blue pen press on the finger press a button to arm the pricking pen, place it and press button…

wham! just like that, it did so fast it was not as painful as the other ones.More less painful that yellow puncture the hospital use to test your blood sugar, aww that thing is brutal!!!! Guess I am great for new blood sampling technologies we have now. Made it more bearable for me!!!


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