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 We all as parents know exactly the feelings that you 're describing here. 

My daughter is almost two now. I found this site when she was almost 2 or 3 weeks old, the same terrified and overwhelmed as you must be right now. It was a great help to share feelings and experiences here, but most important to meet adults who have done grat with their life despite the special diet. 

You will breath the moment the first levels come back normal, the moment your son reaches his milestones, growing up healthy. He will be great, beleive me. My daughter is happy, clever playfull and very stubborn… Something to do with her character and not the PKU. However, food until now is ok, she 's starting to learn not to eat from other people's plate, even in kindergarden she's not asking for something else. It will be double work for you as a mom, beleive me. To cook separate, to get him drink all his formula, to prepare a weekend in the country. But he will pay it back. Be prepared for the extra work, but do not take it by heart. …. Enjoy everymoment. Ask for anything I can help. Great mothers answer your questions here, I know how they are helping me. Congratulations on your baby…

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