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Congrats on your lil one!! Such an exciting and equally terrifying time. I remember! Jacob is now 15 months old. Like yourself, he was diagnosed quickly after birth. He was born a mirco premie (28 weeks gestation, 2lbs 9 oz).

It seems like yesterday that I was here where you are, searching this website for the it will be ok, you can do this you're not alone Its easy He wont want a hamburger….

If I can provide any of these, please let me :)

It will be ok — so many parents ahead of us have done so much, along with the medical teams, the problems of the past, have truly been left in the past.

You can do this – In the short time we have dealt with this, I feel like a pro. My family are all well educated, and remarkably we are able to drop him off for a visit, without worrying about what he will eat. He goes to daycare. (granted I still pack his lunch, and snacks)

You're not alone – the medical teams are available at a call (ours were anyway) and parents from  here, some which will become friends, are a valuable resource and all too happy to share! In no time at all, you will be the parent other parents are recieving comfort from.

He wont want a hamburger — This one I still struggle with at times. Its easy right now, Jacob eats what I tell him, and make available. What happens when it gets older. I have never eaten a shark, and have no desire to try, I have recieved encouragement from PKU folks on here, thats how they feel about a hamburger. This helps.

Message me any time you need to talk/ or I can help :)


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