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Hi Edward,

We are in Canada. We don't measure Phe Exchanges, the same as other areas of the world. We instead are allowed a certain number of Protein. I dont look at Phe specifically. (Some areas do) Jacob is allowed 6.5 grams of protein in addition to his formula.

What is your sons tolerance? How do you measure (grams protein or Phe content). Do you have access to foods? (In Ontario, our coverage is awesome when compared to other areas) I have utilized many of those foods to make convience foods.

Example : 

Using Low Pro Instant Potatoes, and Southwest burger meat, and corn I can make a bunch of lil shepards pies for the freezer.

Or the same Southwest Burger meat, with aprotein noodles, lo pro cheese and ragu original sauce, I make a bunch of lil lasagnas.

I freeze these in lil containers so they are available when we want or need them in a hurry.

Let me know if I can help :)


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