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Just wanted to ask some q's about Halloween. Decided to search the forum for what existed already. Thought this was a good thread to bring back to life, and add to it, instead of starting cold. Thanks for the list Brea!

Our lil guy is just 17 months, so Halloween isn't huge for him yet. The last couple years, we have taken our older non pku kids to the pumpkin patch and the festivities that go with it, haunted house, corn maze, face paint, and of course pick a pumpkin. This year, my better half, was a bear! (Not a dressed up one, just a cranky one) After half the day of dealing with it, I finally got out of her, it was her anxiety over Halloween and Jacob in the future.

I had previously thought about this, and mentioned that we would still do the pumpkin patch, maybe hit a few houses trick or treating, and maybe start a new tradition of going to the movies or something that night. Hitting a store to collect safe candies for Jacob. Buying him a box to make up for what he would lack trick or treating. I thought this was a fun way to take the emphasis of the food portion of the holiday. I didnt realize this upset her as much as it did. She feels I am ruining his halloween, along with PKU of course, cause he cant just trick or treat and eat his stash like every other kid. (Its irrelevant that I try to say kids with any other allergy, or diet restrictions, even diabeties are also affected)

Can I please get others opinions. Whether you are the kid who had halloween affected, or the parent who dealt with it.

Are we making it more of a bother than we need to? Should he trick or treat for hours like his sisters did? (They are nearing being too old to trick or treat at 12 and 13) Should he do it at all? Should we do something else…still in costume?  How do you handle school parties around the holiday? (Yes, still a couple years from school)

Thanks for your input!!

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