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My best advice is for her to stay away from meat, any meat is very high in PHE, I have never EVER, had any meat in my entire life, my PHE tolerence is fairly high, but I refrain from eating anything too high in PHE… you can get a book from your doctor that lists how much phe is in certain food (although I never use it since I eat mainly the same things every day)… if you two are at all planing on having kids, she needs to get her diet under control before you two can even think of having kids or you can run into issues. As for the pills that allow to eat meat, I don't 100% know much about the pills, I think its called Kuvan or something similar to that, but all it does is inhibit the effect of PHE damaging your body, it just increases your tolerence, or helps with pku people who can't have any normal food at all, I don't think it should be used to allow PKU paitents to eat meat, even with the drug the PHE levels in meat are fairly high and could still effect you…

But I'm not a doctor so don't take my word on that…

Hopefully she gets back on track and you two live a happy life together!

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