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 I haven't fully read other people's comments, however I would say that if you want to start a family it IS possible and will be fine if it is something you both want?! 

I was off diet, and your stories remind me of myself and my husband. When we were 1st 2gether we would also go out 4all you can eat chinese and I would eat as much as he did and sometimes more!

I would like to say it is her choice if she has PKU then she will know the affects of being off diet. Also if it is the choice she makes, you have to support her.

If she chooses 2b on diet then you also have to support her with that! 

If a family is something you are BOTH thinking about, my advise would be to set a time you want to do it and for your gf 2enjoy the time left being off diet as much as possible! My hubby and I decided in Jan 2010 that we wanted 2 start a family! I also wanted 2go 2NZ 2c my Dad, so I went 2 NZ in the March 2010 and then when I came back I found out everything I needed 2about trying 4a baby with PKU! In the June I went back on diet and September 20th I found out I was pregnant!!

I enjoyed those last 6months on diet to the max and am very glad I did it!!

Since having my baby i have stayed on diet (with a few straying days) but I do it so that I am the best Mum I can be for my baby! I think about coming back off diet quite a lot, but I think I may do it 4 6months b4 I have my next baby again just so my whole life isn't so absessed with food!! 

I don't know if this has helped or not….but I hope it has! x x x

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