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 My life is hectic, I can't imagine what it would be like as a single parent.

I usually do a lot of cooking on the weekends.

I make waffles (Cambrooke quikmix is great for this) and freeze them. The recipe is on the Cambrooke website.

I also will make a couple loafs of bread ( I use Dietary specialties bread machine mix). Pre slice the bread, freeze one and make the other one into personal pizzas, then freeze. Personal pizzas I just top the sliced bread with sauce and lp cheese. 

Glutino makes a pretzel that is good and low enough in protien I let my daughter have them. Its in a blue package. The pretzel sticks are good – the twist are very hard. My daughter will dip those in salsa or cheese dip (dietary specialites cheese sause) ranch or LP peanut butter, or even cake icing.

Cheese sauce is great, my daughter puts in on anything, carrots, greenbeans, noodles, pretzels, dips bread in it. 

Just a few ideas – hope it helps

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