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I was pumping Iorn whist younger and off the diet…….I got accused of using  anbolic steriods!!! As my muscle stature  changed dramtically in period of few weeks or mths.  As I packed on muscles I got heavier…But it didn't stop half all my meical ailments I have as I picked up late and it stuffed my system.

Now I am quite as my parents say too big on my upper body and my legs are constantly a worry, althought I worked them too! My mum cooks enough veggies for a army, as I often stuff myself with veggies and rice! For  Aisan I find it hard to find clothes my size!!!!

Beside that, I constantly work out with hand weight and walk around too. Done alot of sport, but they did do me justice buggered  me two legs and now I wear braces on them [weak legs deal to late walking]

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