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When my protien level are high I get very cranky to the point I have to have someone nearly by to hold me  back  in case I blow a fit at any trival thing, say a late bus. As I have nearly got so mad that nearly blasted or phyically got nasty  in my worse rages to the point me mate had to hold me back!!!  

It has made me suffer from Autsim and Aspburger's Sydrome as I was picked late and I have other  phyical aliment and I dispise them too withg a  passion…..I  could of been better then a tempermental person  who is  always jumping up and down bellowing with rage untill I run out of breath at something  that got me fired up and  next day I can be  fine person  good natured and friendly  the after exertion  then I am  as sick as a dog the  next day!!!!

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