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Some the signs you discribed nearly like signs of Autsim  or Aspburger's sydrome as it seems that he is hyper senstive to to TV's . But I too have high function austim myself and thunder and lightning storms sends me wild and scare me somthing terrible. I think he can hear something that most people can't hear, ie: high freqencies that people don't hear but cats and dog go mental at storm all because of those freqencies.

I wear earmuffs on stormy nights, or when me ears ache I wear furry ear muffs to dampen the noise around me. Try getting him to wear ear muffs to tone down his hyper senstivity to TV's. People with Austim seem have hypersensitviy to certin colours, slights and sounds. I used be afraid the dark, so I slept with a bathroom light on. As for been with people I often played alone as I didn't always get on with me peers whist been younger.

Have a Dr have a look at him, to confrime it's not his diet doing it.

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