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That okay Medina2009,

I am glad to help you cope with your son…….with the other members in the forum. I am a classic pku sufferer and my my poor parents have to put with my antics of falling ill after eating too much meat and heave hoing…..[what a waste of good food] But the most cumbersome thing I have to cope with is noise as I suffer from Aspburger's Sydrome and I find it far from fun.

 My super senstive hearing cause huge issue when I  am living everday life, I normal wear industral earmuffs. I find noise hurts, espeically backgroud noise fore ground noise clash togeather and it's like one great big babble. Worse still ,is when little kids start squealing, I know I have to tolerate it but shred my ears to peices. lThe weather effect me the worse espeically stormy unstable  days, ears will start to ring and as it starts intensfiying it is constent high pitch squeal.

My ear speiclist says it is Tinitius…….. Plus she says the more I the muffs the worse my ears will.come, they will become more super senstive, too late. I think they have become too senstive as in the resteraunt I had wear my muffs too whist with the other diners..

Weather has horribly messed my hearing as before big storm I get get really unwell to the point I am unable to function, I spend all day in bed dizzy and with huge headache!!!! I am relived you son does't have Aspburger's……..not fun from my point of view. I had Autsim before that too…….It messed my childhood, made it impossible to mix with my peers anywhere school, the works!

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