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 Hello Maria darling! I have only just seen this post!

Are you on Facebook? If so, let me know your full name and I will add you as a friend on there. There is a WONDERFUL group of ladies all with PKU on there that are Mums already or are wanting 2get pregnant and are on the preconception diet. 

It is so good…it is where I go for all the support and help that I need! It really is a lovely group of ladies.

I will add you on here and if you can send me a message I will try and add you on facebook too! 

If you are not on facebook, altough I am not actually trying for a baby right now, I would be more than happy 2 talk 2you daily and share with you (I already have a year old daughter and am thinking of having another perhaps next year) 

I hope I can help in some way x x x x

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