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 I don't know if I can be much of a help, but I ll share my experience, quite different though. My baby is classical PKU, with the diet the levels have always been 1-2 when she was that young as yours. We had the same problem ( if another parent, non PKU listens to this, will laugh!). She was sleeping at 8 pm and wake up at 7, non stop. What I did was to give her a bottle, without waking her at around 11. I put her on a pillow and by instict, she starts to drink, asleep. I do this even now ( she is 3) when she hasn't drunk all her formula during the day. I know that its bad parenting, but let all those specialists give our children what they really have to eat, without breaking any rules. I ve met other PKUparents that feed their children in their sleep….as for the levels, I always take the blood in the morning, after the fasting. They were always low at that period, so it was an indication that no other feeding during the night was needed. I hope this helps.

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